World Congress of Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology 2023

Figij Naspag Naspag Naspag

Abstract Topics

- Unravelling the Adolescent Brain
- Ovarian/adnexal masses
- Nutrition, obesity and reproductive health
- Adolescent PCOS
- Childhood endocrine diseases as related to reproductive health
- Contraception and sexuality
- Public health issues
- Childhood (sexual) abuse
- Obstructive (Mullerian) anomalies
- Urinary problems in PAG
- Gender Issues
- Minimal Access Surgery
- Access to health services
- Strategies in education in PAG
- Vulval and vaginal disorders
- Adolescent menstrual disorders
- HPV vaccination program
- Approaches to DSD
- Sequelae to childhood cancer

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